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In the July 2006 issue of CFDJ, I wrote about the Directory Watcher event gateway, and how easy it was to set up and how powerful a tool it could be for managing files and external interfaces. While this is true, there are some potential hazards waiting for the unsuspecting developer who jumps into DW waters without a life preserver. Fortunately, Dave Ferguson has used this particular gateway extensively in his work, and offered to share some of his experiences and solutions with us. Never one to turn down a good follow-up article, I immediately agreed to an education courtesy of Dave, and here it is. - Jeff Peters When I read Jeff's article, I was interested because I use the DW gateway extensively and I was struck by memories of the double-edged nature of the DW gateway in action. Glory does not come cheap. Imagine that our hero needs to build a DW gateway to monit... (more)

ColdFusion Developer's Journal Special "Frameworks" Focus Issue: Fusebox

Simon says, "Build the Pet Market app in Fusebox." Simon says, "Write an article about it."  So I'm sitting on a plane at 35,000 feet, somewhere over the heartlands, writing an article. Having been the driving force behind the creation of the Wegot Widgets reference application project for Fusebox, I think the idea of an "All Pet Market" issue of CFDJ is a great idea. I'm sure each of the application authors are taking a slightly different approach, even with the various frameworks taken out of the picture. Here are the ground rules by which I played when building Pet MarketFB: ... (more)

Playing with Arrays

When I found out this month's issue would be a "back to basics" issue, I was torn between several topics that I hope are of interest to every CFML developer. I settled on the array, which is a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled coder. Just to make sure everyone's on board we'll start with the assumption that we need to explore the nature of an array first. Every programming language has simple datatypes and complex datatypes. Simple datatypes are things like strings and numbers - datatypes that store a single value. Complex datatypes are things like arrays and structures (whi... (more)

ColdFusion Tools for Team Management

At this year's CFUnited, I gave a talk titled "Supercharging Fusebox Project Management." As indicated by the title, that presentation was aimed at managers who use Fusebox. While I am a major proponent of Fusebox, this article deals with some aspects of team management, regardless of what framework is used. We'll take a look at some basic management goals, and how we can use simple tools to ease the task of managing development in a team environment. The first point I'd like to make is that this is not an article about using version control. I only have one thing to say about v... (more)

DirectoryWatcher Event Gateway: Ditching the Scheduler

I remember sitting at a ColdFusion conferences (probably CFUN) back when CFMX 7 was still in its pre-beta stage and watching as Ben Forta revealed some of the new features. There was a mixed reaction when he talked about event gateways. While the idea of having messaging built into ColdFusion seemed appealing to most of the audience, the idea of watching a directory for its content to change wasn't as convincing. As I looked around at people's faces, I saw a mixture of excitement, inspiration, and blank stares. I would guess the blank stares belonged to those for whom directories... (more)